By default, Pixelpulse is served from Nonolith servers for the ease of update of a web app. The file on the server is packaged in such a way that it can be easily downloaded for offline use.

Right click this link, and choose "Save Link As...". Double-click the HTML file to open it.

To make the downloaded HTML file open in an app window instead of a full Chrome instance, you can edit the shortcut.


  1. Copy the "Nonolith Pixelpulse" shortcut icon, then right click and choose Properties.
  2. Change the --app= parameter at the end of the Target field to the file:// URL for the downloaded file.


  1. Duplicate /usr/share/applications/nonolith-pixelpulse.desktop.
  2. Edit the exec= line to google-chrome --app=file:///path/to/file.


Chrome does not support application windows on OS X.

If you want to edit the source code and run a modified Pixelpulse rather than download our compiled copy, see the Pixelpulse hacking guide.