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Removed references to V1.1 as it was released without those changes.
link formatting
Update INA213 / MCP6N11
libudev-devel DNI, systemd-devel is replacement
Link to ubuntu atmel toolchain PPA
document python gpio code
add GPIO documentation to index
rawr markdown
basic GPIO page
clean up
Pixelpulse offline
resolve redundancy
s/\t/ /
rework some sections to clarify content and resolve syntatical ambiguity
misc and various typos
fixed links, in theory
initial commit of current modification howto
fwupdate link
Sample rate optimization is no longer upcoming
Ubuntu update instructions
arb wave: phase parameter
Firmware recovery picture
arb wave: "Added in 1.2"
arb wave example
document arb waveform
mdwn fixes
Write custom firmware guide
moved to match the extension ikiwiki appears to expect
preliminary list of protocols of interest
AN01: crop images the same
css: li>p spacing
AN01: I-V Curve tracing
fix error: current -> currentLimit
udev doesn't update automatically on ubuntu?
added a pair of links on gps signaling
added microchip insamp
fixed formatting a bit
initial commit of rtlsdr stuff
added purpose, improved sectioning, fleshed out specification
added an important piece of info to MAX9934 descrip
added units to intersil EL8171 failure descrip.
added EL8171 to nogo, moved ISL28273 to nogo
added intersil insamps
cleaned up a bit more
split divider exploration into its own page
added inline resistor pictures
embed equations as png
fix image tags
initial commit of Resist
initial commit of tungsten meander. needs love.
So that's what those 4 spaces mean...
Clarify Gentoo package status and recommended daemon setup.
fedora build instructions
1.1 is released
Improve formatting
update API
fix img size
added partKit img
split cEE101 into separate pages
square bracket!
further populated incandescent content
x640 != 640x
turns out the <h4> is smaller than the text...
added more content, added section headers
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set image sizes to something more reasonable
added images
added glyphs for dropdown menu