This app note explains how to use your CEE to trace a component's I-V curve. As an example, we will curve-trace an LED. Like other diodes, LEDs have an I-V characteristic in which the current steeply increases after the voltage crosses the turn-on voltage.

  1. Connect the LED to your CEE. The positive (longer) lead goes in channel A, and the negative (shorter) lead connects to GND.

  2. Launch Pixelpulse

  3. Under Channel A, click the Voltage mode dropdown -- It's set to "Measure" when you first plug in your CEE. Change it to "Source". This tells the CEE to control voltage and measure current.

  4. Click the waveform dropdown. Change it to "Triangle".

  5. Set the center voltage to 1.7V, amplitude to 1V, and leave the frequency at 1Hz.

  6. Expand the side pane at bottom left to add an X-Y plot.

  7. Click the start button, and see the characteristic diode curve appear in the X-Y plot.


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